Installing Scorpio SR-i900 on a CBR1000rr (2008)

From Scorpio SR-i900
I got all the add-on:
  • 3-Stage proximity sensor
  • Emergency engine cut of
  • Battery Backup
Scorpio SR-i900 I was able to find the Fuel Pump control signal right next to the Fuse box so i didn't have to remove chase it by the fuel tank like others post out there but more of that later. 1) Remove Rear Cowl / Fairing and Driver seat (Check your owner manual on how to remove the Driver seat), the rear part is easy, just take off 4 screws on the top and pull the side to the outside. 2) I ordered the Factory Hardness for the Honda 08 CBR1000rr however they sent me the wrong one (I got HON-7 which is for all Shadows), Scorpio website listed the right harness as HON-12 So I end up using the Universal harness included on the Alarm which is very easy to use and no really need to cut cables. I placed the MUM unit on the very back of the trunk compartment and Secure it with a dual wire tire around the main Battery compartment (under the driver seat). DO NOT TIGHT IT YET, you need to hide all the wires and make sure there is enough clearance for the trunk key lock before doing that. 3) right in the top of the Fuse box, you'll fine 2 factory harness, take the harness on the left side of the bike, it have 4 wires going out of it, Green (GND) , Brown (Tail light), Orange and Blue (turn Lights) - (double check the owners manual in case you have a custom install or a different bike) Take the wire clipons that are included on the Universal harness and clip them on to each of those wires. Next.... remove the Fuel pump relay (second top from right to left) Next.... let's wire the Engine cutoff unit, we need to find the fuel pump control line, on the top of the Fuse box, get a flat screw driver and unlock the lock that keep the fuse hold. Next....cut the thick brown wire (input to the Fuel pump Relay), I used Wire ties I got from walmart to connect the engineer cut off unit. VERY IMPORTANT: This is your fuel pump control signal, whatever you do, make sure wires are well connected, and well cover. I used electrical black tape to avoid any miss connection. Next.... Place the Fuse box back on his place, place the fuel pump relay back and wire the engine cutoff unit to the location show on the next picture. Next... Lets do the Proximity sensor, Place the sensor FLAT, I placed it on the top of the batterry as recommended, wire the connection back to the MCU. Tape or wirewrap all excess of wires and make it look clean. (as you can see, no alterations need it, and everything looks like stock) go back to the trunk, make sure the MCU is clear of the trunk key lock and tight the wire tight that it is holding it. Connect the Power to the Positive (+) of the battery, and Test the Alarm. Make sure to test everything, The engine cut off and the proximity sensor. Place the RFID antenna on the left side of the bike on the trunk and use electrical tape to make a 12'' long straigt line for the FM antenna. Put the Keylock back and assembly the bike back. Congratulations, you got your Alarm installed. It took me about 2 1/2 hours to completed it but i was drinking so it shouldn't take any more than maybe 1 hour. Let me know if you have any question.

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