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New USB Adapter Aimed to Protect your mobile devices from Malicious Charger Launches on Kickstarter

LM Engineering Designs introduces a device called the LockedUSB that allows portable devices to fast charge at their maximum rated currentwhile keeping the data lines completely isolated. Their project hits Kickstarter for a 30-days campaign Wednesday August 21st.

LM Engineering Designs LLC, an Atlanta-based startup, is hoping to provide peace-of-mind while charging your device on Public Charging Stations.. Their new device is called LockedUSB. It allows portable devices to fast-charge at their maximum rated current,while keeping the data lines completely isolated. To cover production costs, the company is launching the new product on the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter.
Recently researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology produced fake chargers they've named Mactans that do more than just charge your phone: they install custom, malicious applications onto iPhones and gain access to all of your personal information. LockedUSB is aimed to provide protection against hackers and optimize your charging time at the same time.
Many smartphone users would like to charge theirs phones at work or school computers, oftentimes at rates far slower than expected. In most cases, exposing their personal information, photos, contacts, emails and messages when the computer tries to sync with the device. Public charging stations are becoming more and more popular everywhere you go. Unfortunately, Identity Theft, Government surveillance, "rogue" and unstable chargers, are also on the rise. To combat this problem, LockedUSB completely isolate the data lines from the charger and keep intruders away from your personal information. LockedUSB  comes with a 3-in-1 Universal Charging Cable (USB 2.0 Connect to Lightning 8 Pin, Micro USB and apple 30 Pin Connector for iPhone 4 4S Samsung Galaxy Note 2 iPhone 5, iPad 4/Mini ipod touch 5G Nano 7th) that provide compatibility with multiples devices.
LockedUSB will be available through a 30-day Kickstarter campaign on August 21st. Interested backers can receive a LockedUSB Adapter and 3-in-1 Universal Charging Cables for only $19 USD. People who depend on their phones can rest assured LockedUSB will keep them safe and provide fast charging.  
Leonardo Matute, founder and Principal Engineer at LM Engineering Designs, said the adapter will bring peace of mind to millions of people that charge their device on the go. "Many people don’t think about their information being compromised by a charger," Leo said. "LockedUSB will not only secure privacy but it will also allow the devices to charge at their maximum rated current reducing charging times considerable"

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