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Hellboy II: The Golden Army – Hmmm… I don’t know

I am in Beautiful San Francisco today, I had some free time before my actually work start tomorrow so I went to checkout the city (I have to say I really love the "City Life") anyway I stopped by the movie theater and The Dark Knight was sold out so I went for Hellboy II.

Good movie, great visual effects and the jokes are not that pushy, however the story line,,,,,I don't know I felt it a bit of a stretch, The ending was really sudden, like writers just got bore of the movei and tried to end it quickly.

Anyways I would say if there isn't any other option you can stop see it and won't be disappointed, but I wouldn't make it my main movie for the evening

Google = 65% of all Internet Searchs

Google = 65% of all Internet Searchs

Check this out, Google provide about 65% of all search in the internet, while Yahoo is sinking down losing about %2 since last year.

Go google!
Check out  my iPhone Running the GBA Emulator

Check out my iPhone Running the GBA Emulator

Check out my iPhone running the GBA Emulator, Is still on early beta so sound is a bit choppy, and sometime frames get slow, however is great for killing sometime while waiting for someone and graphics are not bad.

2007 – 98% of all emails were SPAM – Be smart while using your email

2007 – 98% of all emails were SPAM – Be smart while using your email

There are 20 billion spam email messages received in the UK every day - that's 300 for every man, woman and child in the country.

According to IronPort Systems, which today published its 2008 Internet Security Trends Report, there are some 120 billion spam emails send per day worldwide, meaning that the UK receives one sixth of them.

IronPort also said that new malware attacks have become much more sophisticated, making them harder to counteract.

"Just when malware design seemed to have reached a plateau, new attack techniques have emerged, some so complex – and obviously not the work of amateurs – they could have only been designed by means of sophisticated research and development," said Jason Steer, European product manager for IronPort.

The problem, according to IronPort, is that the protection offered by security firms became so good, cybercriminals were forced to go to rethink their methods and come up with new attack vectors.

"For a time, security controls designed to manage malware were working. But, as a result of this success, the threats they protected against were forced to change. In 2007, many of these threats underwent significant adaptation. Malware went stealth, and the sophistication increased."

How To Boost Your Cellular Signal | Walyou

How To Boost Your Cellular Signal | Walyou

Does this sound familiar? You want to make a quick phone call and as soon as you begin dialing, your cell reception drops, showing you have no signal at all. Just like Murphy’s Law, this call is probably really important also.

The neat video below is a step by step tutorial showing you how to boost your cellular signal. It is a cool do it yourself video made by Hoopajoo Labs, which have a nice blog on hacks, hints and downloads to make your life easier.

Enjoy the video!

Boost Your Cellular Signal - video powered by Metacafe


How To Boost Your Cellular Signal | Walyou