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AppleTV Jailbreak PLEX

New Apple TV JailBroken.

Sweet, it didn't take but just a few hours after the new Apple TV units start arriving to customer hand when we can see how the New Exploit for iOS was put to good use and Jailbroke the AppleTV, I got mine yesterday, but it is still on the Box, I am waiting for 2 things, 1) an Official Jailbreake to see what type of App and access are we talking about here, what worries me the most is the limited User input that the device has. 2) Google TV is suppose to have a line up on Oct 6th.
Maturola's iPhone 4 Emulator

iPhone 4 GBA Emulator

After 2 iPhones revisions and several OS upgrades (even nam change from iPhone OS to iOS) I got my favorite GBA ROMs back into my iPhone =)

Working on Objective-C =) – Maturola is coming to the AppStore!

  With all the hipe of the iPhone 4 and the new iPad I decided to give it a shot at Objective-C and see what all the fuzz is about. I am working on getting me an iPad to work with and start working on a couple of cool App ideas that i got for quite sometime. So far all i got is the sample "hello world" program included with Xcode LOL, but I'll post something as soon as I am up and running.   xcode 2