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Getting back to the Train!

Well.. I haven't really write anything since July so let's get back to it.

Wrath of the Lich King was released a few weeks ago, the second expansion pack for World of Warcraft, my beloved warlock is level 74 and I have a new Death Knight lvl 56 which I am exited about. My quest to level 80 is already on. My guild is already working on Naxx so I hope to join them soon.

Also on the Xbox360, Gear of War 2 was also released about a month ago, wow this game is as addictive as it is good, the online multilayer is just out of this world, the new game mode, "Horde" where you have to basically fight waves and waves of locus coming to you is just insane.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army – Hmmm… I don’t know

I am in Beautiful San Francisco today, I had some free time before my actually work start tomorrow so I went to checkout the city (I have to say I really love the "City Life") anyway I stopped by the movie theater and The Dark Knight was sold out so I went for Hellboy II.

Good movie, great visual effects and the jokes are not that pushy, however the story line,,,,,I don't know I felt it a bit of a stretch, The ending was really sudden, like writers just got bore of the movei and tried to end it quickly.

Anyways I would say if there isn't any other option you can stop see it and won't be disappointed, but I wouldn't make it my main movie for the evening

Google = 65% of all Internet Searchs

Google = 65% of all Internet Searchs

Check this out, Google provide about 65% of all search in the internet, while Yahoo is sinking down losing about %2 since last year.

Go google!
iPhone runing a Playstation Emulator – Looks great on 3D

iPhone runing a Playstation Emulator – Looks great on 3D

This is what the PSX emulator in the works look like. If this is how 3D games looks like in the iPhone I can't wait to see what game and apps will be out if Apple really open the sdk to sev eral developers and not only to a very exclusive fews

Family Guys Sound For the iPhone

Family Guys Sound For the iPhone

Here Guys,

I compiled a few family Guys sound for the iPhone, you can install them using customize, just download it, unpackaged and save it to the /Library/Customize/AudioFiles/Family_guy/ Directory they will show on cutomize.

Let me know your feedback.

Family Guy Sound for the iPhone
Check out  my iPhone Running the GBA Emulator

Check out my iPhone Running the GBA Emulator

Check out my iPhone running the GBA Emulator, Is still on early beta so sound is a bit choppy, and sometime frames get slow, however is great for killing sometime while waiting for someone and graphics are not bad.